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Saturday, November 07, 2009

So You Wanna Read?

The November 4th meeting of the Florida Writers turned into the Florida Readers to everyone's enjoyment! We had a great turnout for a first Wednesday meeting of seventeen! Twelve, I think, shared readings! I made it a point to watch for reactions as people were reading and I saw interest, smiles, heads nodding, in agreement, not sleep. In a couple of instances I saw rapt attention and also a few watery eyes. It's pleasing to see people loosening up and feeling comfortable in front of the group. It's not my business to a countdown critique, but I would like to say everyone enjoyed the guest of Ann Favreau, Dr. Phil Dohlbren. We didn't do a sign in sheet so I stand to be corrected on the spelling of the good Doctor's name. Dr. Phil is a retired surgeon and read a delightful story about an operating room experience, not that surgery is ever delightful, but the Doctor surely was! He was heartily invited to return.
New member, Steve Choby, introduced us to something new! The near performance of a short story he'd written about "That Dreaded Stare". A member of Toastmasters, Steve gave an idea of the art of comfortably speaking to a group of people in a most animated way. I love the diversity that our group has become.
Lara Lazenby, at her second meeting, stood up, then sat down again, and beautifully read her first effort at writing a book. All agreed she captured the voice of the seven-year-old protagonist perfectly and we anxiously await future installments. We have novelists and poets, journalists and memoir writers, kid books and compilation short story writers, and now we also have a young adult writer. What's left? We have a great group, folks.
The poets that read did their usual beautiful job. We sang songs with Terry, traveled to France with Ann, sailed a boat on rocky sea with Joe, and reveled in reflection with Jim Kelly. Joanne read a chilling account of the caverns of hell and Irv gave another lesson on "Living on House Money." Linda, our performing poet, enjoyed the first half of the meeting but the exhaustion of moving into their new home took over and she left early. Gaile sat quietly and absorbed. Gaile appreciates everything. Ed, too, offered his usual bit of humor in a comment format and Rod, like me, is still crawling back into the rut after time away. Forgive me, if I've left anyone out. Senility is setting in after all and I did this from memory with NO sign in sheet! Proves I do pay attention! But I'm not finished, so keep reading . . .
The nice thing about a diverse group is Russ and I both are of the belief that a good writer is not happy being limited to a genre box. Yes, you will have your first love, mine is poetry, and you'll also have one that you prefer to use, but you enjoy the whole art of writing when given a chance to be exposed to it. Take heart, Steve!
Keep reading . . .
Then, we have Peter! What can I say about Peter that Peter couldn't voice better? I've personally decided that if I ever hear the physical voice of God, God will sound like Peter. His voice and reading ability meanders around in meadows of magnificence. He writes that way, too! :)
And then, there is Tuck! Our novelist extrordinaire. The only one that could help fill Bart's missing shoe as Bart works temporarily on the east coast. Tuck fills both his own while filling one of Bart's. His new novel, held up to be released in January to take advantage of a 2010 release, "Sarah's Creek" is a literary classic. Tuck requested Peter to read his excerpt for him. I need say no more. When an incredible voice reads incredible writing, the room is overwhelmed.
The meeting was a huge success for me.

Ann Favreau has jumped in to help, as she usually does, and has contacted Comcast and sent me their possible suggestions to solve my email dilemma. I was SO IMPRESSED just at their response. I'm in the mindset that if I can't fight them, join them. Verizon won't even address the problem! I'll keep you posted as to the continuing saga of the Email Horrors as they emerge. Please email me details of coming events you may be taking part in. Flash fiction, Russ??
I'm happy to also announce that Sharon, our long lost assistant, will be returning on the 18th of November for our next General Meeting! Yeeeehawwww! Hey Russ, maybe we can both sneak out next time!!
Seriously, be thinking of anything the group might like to do to celebrate the holiday season. I'll open it up for discussion at the next meeting. We do have the facility now and spouses and guests would be welcome! I continue to extend our thoughts to those out with personal trials. We miss you and look forward to your return. For those still traveling . . . the weather is great! We just need a little rain! And, please, remember I have that bet on hits on my website and appreciate your help with a visit.

Remember to watch for the rainbows! Especially since I didn't edit this and it's approaching 2 a.m. :))