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Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Humbled Leader Returns

I've been wrangling with the appropriate words to encapsulate thoughts and reactions which have built up over the last couple of years. Dealing with serious health issues was a new experience for me. I knew only the role of caregiver. The support and encouragement generated toward me over these months, the help and enthusiasm of each and every one of our writers coming from FWA, Voices of Venice and The Suncoast Writers Guild has been overwhelming to me.

The level of talent and dedication, the total lack of competition, but more, support for each other's pursuits and accomplishments is refreshing. I've not found that element in all of the organizations with which I've been associated. Its absense is startling to me in a time when authors should help authors.

On Thanksgiving night, all this health business came to a head with a bad fall in my own kitchen! It resulted in six broken ribs (the final count) and culminated in the removal of some 'inner parts' infested with a 'super bug' intent on devouring my flesh. Seven weeks of what I came to call 'incarceration', an incredible team of nurses and a Pulmonary Surgeon I've since dubbed "The Second Coming", Dr. Richard Hoefer.

During this time of confinement, the cards, visits, flowers, phone calls, prayers and positive energy which poured into the hospital for me was astounding. I thank you all, and I do mean ALL, so very much. And, at home, they continue to arrive.

But all of this pales in the surprise given me last Saturday. This was the cause of total 'speechlessness'. Kris Palmer and Linda White, both of whom have gone above and beyond coming by here since my return home, came with grocery treats. Then, Linda handed me an envelope. It was addressed to me "from the writers" of the above mentioned groups. You all know what was inside; no more need be said here about that, but it was most substantial and I'm beyond gratitude and proper 'thank yous'. Even these simple words will read inadequate. I can only say that I wish each of you could feel what went through my mind and heart for each and every one of you. I'm honored and humbled to know you.

Me, the poet, the writer, the talker when frustrated, suddenly found herself void of words. I can't reiterate what each of you have done as I'd inadvertently leave someone out there've been so many, please know what is in my heart that I cannot seem to adequately say.

I adore you all. Thank you for being my "Rainbows"!