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Welcome to the Sarasota Writers Group Blog. We meet the first and third Wednesday of each month at the Nokomis Fire Station. Coming from Sarasota or North, proceed a few blocks south of Albee Road on US 41 (past Matthews-Currie Ford) to Pavonia Road. Turn right (West, toward the bay) at the Fire Station's flashing yellow caution traffic light. If you are coming from the south on US 41, we are 2 blocks north of Dona Bay. Turn left onto Pavonia Road at the flashing yellow caution light. At the Fire Station, drive to the far end, or west side, of the firehall. Please do not block the fire doors! We meet in the training room at the far end of the complex. We Gather for a meet and greet at 6:00 pm Meeting called to order: 6:30 pm Ten-minute break: 7:50 pm Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 pm

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Book Lovers Unite

Book lovers -- both the readers and writers thereof -- will be uniting at the Selby Library this coming Saturday, March 6th, from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. to celebrate the "Paint The Town Read" day.

As the web posting says, "Enjoy refreshments, gift bags, a raffle, a book swap, a huge book sale, book discussions, performances and the chance to meet more than 20 authors."

The schedule of events includes performances by the Asolo Repertory Theatre Guild Play Readers at 12 noon and an event simply called "Books Alive!" at 2 p.m.

Thirty minute book discussions will start at 11:30 with the last one scheduled for 2:00. The variety of discussions will include Classics, Mysteries, Historical Fiction, Florida Authors, Publishing, and Literary Fiction.

Author Signings and Books sales will be ongoing throughout the day from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For additional details and a downloadable flyer, go to: If this link doesn't work, type this complete address in your address bar. Additional information is also available from Vera Neumann-Wood at 941-861-1175 or

Thanks to Madeline Mora-Summonte for telling us about this event!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And, Another Suggestion From our Own Ed Ellis

Good day Susan,

I was sitting here today thinking about the up coming meeting and
what would be of value to all of us. One of the thoughts that whipped
through my mind was to start the meeting off with the introduction of
a word. The word could be announced on the blog before the
meeting day. You could ask the members to write a single simple
sentence (one verb) using the word. At the meeting, you could call on
a couple of the members to read how they used the word.

I think the benefits are...
1) Writers use words to create.
2) Writes use the words in sentences.


Sounds like a good idea to me, Ed. It may draw people to using the blog as well. This cool little device is too help eliminate the need for individual group emails which in turn elicit lots of email replies! Very time consuming process in addition to already heavy email responsibilities. Perhaps, you'd like to present and discuss your idea next week? Thank you, for your continued interest and participation! You are appreciated.

Tip From St. Pete WGL - John Regh

Hi all!


Do you run to Office Depot or Staples when you need that novel's rough draft printed? Then have to wait around or come back later?
I'm pleased to announce that you don't have to any more!

Sir Speedy, at 4855 Park St. N, St. Petersburg, just south of 54th Ave N, on the east side of the street, is offering a 10% discount to FWA members on all their printing needs.

Sales manager (and our contact) Robin Fiegle has worked there for 20 years! No longer do you have to rely on someone who may have just been hired. No longer do you have to run to the store with your copy. You can email her a file, and she will take care of the rest. Of course, it helps to have it in the right format, and she'll be happy to guide you in setting it up right.

Her email address is:, Phone # is: 727-545-9000.

I'm including a link on our website, and hope to find more businesses in the area to support our growing group.


John Rehg
FWA St. Petersburg Group Leader (our local site) (our state site)

P.S. From Susan: I understand, too, that this service to FWA members can include shipped orders! Kudos to John Regh for looking within his community to find things and businesses which will benefit ALL FWA members. John is good example of "Writers Helping Writers"!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Our Sarasota Chapter of the Florida Writers Association was awarded "Group of the Year" last night! Who bestowed this award? Me, your somewhat president so Sharon can be vice president. Oh, and Russ was named CEO as he is the one with the power. :)

For those of you who had to miss last night's meeting, I read an excerpt from my column in the new "Florida Writer" magazine which should be in your mail box soon. I get my copies a few days before they are mailed to the general membership. So yes, this announcement is offical and published! Rebel, that I am, oh she, who assigns her own authority as well. However, I received no flak from the mighty parent organization, so that for sure makes it offical. They printed it! Congratulations to ALL of you. And kudos from me for being the talented special people you are!

We had a rather small turn out of fifteen but everyone left both touched and inspired albeit frozen to the bone once out of the warmth of the circle present. Another kudo in itself as it takes a huge impetus to get me away from a heater when it's below 70 degrees.

Brenda Clarice returned for her third meeting and Kerri Dieffenwierth came to her first and charmed everyone she was able to talk to. Kerri, if your last name is spelled wrong, it's Vice President Sharon's fault. :) See, Sharon! Titles are hell!

We had an hour or so of hearty discussion on questions and input, then closed for break with the heartfelt tribute to Kris Palmer by Irv Newman. Kris was having a bad night and was unable to be there but Joanne called her on the phone and she got the news. Irv assured us he would read it again when Kris is able to to hear it from him. Irv is a most charming and endearing man and all have come to anticipate his presence. Just his unassuming humility and sense of humor is a treasure, topped off by his wonderful way of using his pen to illustrate life.

After break and chasing Joanne with the bell, readings were resumed. We were treated to Joe Porter's poem coming from the bird's perspective in answer to Maya Angelou's well known bird in the guilded cage. A little different from Joe's usual longer style and thoroughly adorable. Jim Kelly, known for his imagry extrordinaire, offered his perspective of the 9/11 tragedy. No one can write imagry in quite the same way as can Jim Kelly. Be watching for the unveiling of his new website "Uncle Joe". It's going to be a winner!

Joanne showed her serious side and it's always rather overwhelming as we are so used to her comedic sense of humor. The girl is extremely talented and could easily be a 'stand up'. Her serious side, tho, is just as beautiful as is her heart. Those who've not read her compilation, "Short Takes on Life" are missing a treat as both sides of her shine in the 'takes'. Ed Ellis also read a new piece that was a new side to his writing. You folks never cease to amaze me.

Vice President Sharon gave us a sample of her limericks, and a good laugh hinting at the ones she didn't deem appropriate for mixed company. Enough was shared, however, that even a sleeping imagination could figure out the missing line. It is funny, I assure you! Peter was in 'enjoying everyone else' mode and didn't read but he sold his CD's for the "Roads" and received orders for two more. It should be understood, too, that Peter is generously donating half of his sales to our group. Russ and I will think about what to do with it. Input is welcome. We can save it for a special field trip, party or donate it to the firemen. Maybe even start thinking about a published anthology of our own! And before I forget, Rod brought his lovely wife, Betsy, who I'd bet was won over by the group. She told me she had a great time and I assured her she was welcome anytime. Betsy, too, had a wonderful sense of humor and fit right in instantly! All the spouses are welcome.

To close, I saved something special. Once again, we were blessed with another sharing from Bart Stamper. In such limited space, just the right words to describe the power in both Bart's writing and his story tax my knowledge of the language. It maneuvers somewhere between magnificent and wrenching. His story is one that really NEEDS to be told. On that note, Joanne and I both swipe at tears welling in eye corners.

I'm blessed by you all.


Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Fabulous February

I say that as it's the month of the Aquarians, that pesky but devoted personality to the free spirit, moments of solitude, and non-conformist nature of humankind. Or at the least, that's the excuse I use for my oft wacky ways.

I'm writing to remind everyone that tomorrow the third is the first of our two monthly meetings. I have some readers who've asked for time and we'll use the number of readers to guide us on any time limits if necessary. I do want us to remember to allow for time to discuss the pieces we hear. Most of us are looking for some kind of feedback for our work. I'm glad to have Madeline Mora-Summonte back as she is always so great at offering feedback and I can attest, personally, to her writing talent.

I'm happy to announce my new email address: is working just beautifully and it has been such a great feeling to re-establish my communication abilities. It's also been a very busy two weeks and we may be seeing some new faces tomorrow. Our group is continuing to draw attention and I hope everyone will be looking for their copy of the Winter Florida Writer soon to be released. I have a surprise for you all in my column there.

I'd also like to announce that when I read Bart Stamper's piece on "Memories in Ebony" about his visit to the Viet Nam War Memorial, I was so moved by it I asked his permission to share it on my website. Bart was most pleased to share with his fellow writers and also provided me with two photos to use with it. I invite you all to go to and scroll down the dedication page to the "Memories In Ebony" link. Click there and it will take you straight to Bart's work.

Speaking of websites, if yours is not listed in the links section in the sidebar to the left, be sure to send it to me or Russ. Madeline has launched a new blog off of hers and invites us to participate. Jim Kelly has hired Kathy Killam to do his new website and it is now under construction. As mentioned before, Kathy builds my site, Russ's site, Tuck's site and also Terry Lindemann's. I'm sure Russ will agree as to her talents and her dependability to keep them current and fresh. Russ will soon be expanding his to include his new book "Dying In Deer Country" which is in the proofing process now. Get ready for another of Russ's fast moving Jesse Eichenlaub suspense novels. It's a good one!! Be sure to keep us informed of your events and progress so we can post it here. Often, I'm told of certain events in progress but then I fail to get updates! Are you reading this Carroll?? Last we heard your book was set to be one of the top two in the publishing contest! What was the end result?

We have a great organization behind us. It's a shame not to take advantage of the benefits it makes available! And, to speak out if you see areas that need improvement! Remember all FWA members, leaders and officers are volunteers! We have to help them along.

Look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow night! Be sure to wear a sweater or jacket if this cool weather continues. We'll also continue collecting the Fire Department's annual donation. Russ is keeping the list if you haven't yet paid your $5.00 for 2010.