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Monday, May 30, 2011

In Honor of our Veterans

This is always a day of sadness and celebration entwined for me. Sadness for the vets no longer with us and yet celebration of what all of them, still here or gone, endured. I really don't know anyone who doesn't have a family member or a dear friend that was or is a Vet. We are fortunate to have many of them in our circle of writers. I especially send out a hello to Bart Stamper today. Bart is alive and well but not able to attend the meetings presently due to his new location. A good many of us still communicate with him, tho. His work, Memories in Ebony, written on his first trip to the Viet Nam Memorial is spectacular and holds a permanent place in the Rainy Day Room on my website. Bart's accomplishments in Viet Nam, our most forgotten veterans, are incredible. He served on a Recon team and survived many more missions than many. His service was remarkable. We all thank you, Bart.

We have, as I said, many vets in our group. Bart comes to my mind because of Viet Nam. That was the 'war' I was most affected by as an adult. But, I too, want to mention another member who devoted most of his life to the Service of his Country. Our special career soldier, Gordon 'Tuck' Tucker! Sadly, due to a horrid attack of Shingles that resulted in some nerve disorders, Tuck has missed a lot of meetings the last months, but he remains in our hearts and when he is able to come, it's a special event! Tuck's career spans 30 years and seeing action in both WWII and Korea. Tuck is a phenomenal writer and his novel, "Shadow" about Korea is chilling. My personal favorite is his latest work which is, to me, epic and Pulitzer worthy is "Sarah's Creek" which is about the Civil War. Although, dear Tuck did not serve personally in that one, his research is impeccable and his story telling spectacular.

If I could trust my memory not to leave anyone out, I'd list all of our vets! Irv Newman comes to mind from WWII and Joe Porter, also from Korea. Others I know served but I'm not sure of their tenure or duty assignments. So, I'll take no chance here. At the meeting, I'll take the time for a show of hands or something. ALL of you were important!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with your families and your celebrations, whatever they were. I hope to see you all on Wednesday, June 1 at our monthly gathering of Wednesday Writers as I've taken to calling us.

Also, a reminder . . . Linda White's Thursday Voices of Venice poet group which many of you also attend is having their Emma Lazareth event on Thursday, June 2 at 6 p.m. at Jacaranda Library. Complete details are on her website:

See ya Wednesday!