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Friday, January 27, 2012

Information and a Recommend

Good morning all!

There is some information I need to share and I've been putting it off until I could obtain a more permanent address. Things keep changing and I don't feel I should wait any longer. Many of you know, or have been represented in Dahris Clair's ezine, The Infinite Writer. Dahris and her husband, Carl, visited our group when Jack Wolf came from San Diego. She and I started together in FWA six years ago and became dear friends.

Dahris was, until this year, was the Group Leader for the Pasco County Chapter and some of you attended the one day Mini-Conferences she sponsored in New Port Richey. Nearly two weeks ago on Saturday I received the call from Carl that Dahris had fallen and broken her neck. She already had several health issues so this was shocking to me. But, a fighter she is and the outlook was positive with rehab. I was waiting for a rehab address before announcing it so folks could send her get well wishes. That has not come to pass. Since being in the hospital, some other problems have developed and Dahris has now had a feeding tube inserted and is in the Cardiac Care Unit.

Several of you have asked for an address so I've decided to give the following where the cards will be delivered to her.
Dahris Clair
7844 Datura Lane
New Port Richey, Florida

Dahris is a dear lady of 82 and well wishes would so do her heart good. She did push herself past endurance providing a stage for authors with the Infinite Writer and working with aspiring writers through FWA dedication.

Next, I'd like to recommend one of our own that never speaks of his own accomplishments. He has taken over this blog and is doing a fantastic job. He sits at every meeting offering input and enthusiasm. Yes, I'm speaking of George Mindling who drives to our meetings all the way from Port Charlotte. Have any of you gone to his website link listed in the links section to your left? I've been researching some of the many articles he's produced over the last ten plus years. I continue to be amazed. He has two published books, one that shouts of his education and intelligence in aeronautics and a second that I have an idea is a humorous account called "Sleeps Two". I'm going to procure this one for my RV-ing son and daughter-in-law. George?

This past weekend, however, I discovered another blog site and was totally taken in. It's a tour through George and his wife's garden. You all know I am an avid Nature and animal activist. Wandering visually through this beautiful tropical setting was a joy. He won't talk about himself and I can relate to that, so I will do it for him. Check the link on the left and then go to: I assure you that you will be impressed.

Next Wednesday we will have our first February meeting on the 1st. I look forward to seeing you all there and please send Dahris some cheer and check out the talent of George Mindling. If you have an inspiring tale to tell, check out, too, the Tales2Inspire contest sponsored by Lois Stern, who will be with us through March.


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  1. Hi Group - This is papa Wolf from California. Sad to hear about Dahris. Wish I could spend some time with you, but distance gets in the way. Cheers, Jack Wolf