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Monday, March 10, 2014

"Non-Fiction and Other Lies: Writing the Stories in Your Life."

Florida Gulf Coast University will offer the four week series "Non-Fiction and Other Lies: Writing the Stories in Your Life." Robert J. Taylor will be the instructor. Sessions will be held Thursdays from 10 AM to Noon starting April 3, 2014, at Harold Court, Punta Gorda.



Robert Taylor, Instructor

A fun and highly interactive course on writing memoirs that draws on the skills,
experiences and insights of the participants. In four, two-hour sessions, partici-
pants will discover the stories in their own lives, practice using dialogue and other
techniques to recreate a scene, sort out the wheat of their story from the chaff,
explore ways to drive their story forward, and examine options for publishing their
writings for their family or the wider world.

Week ONE

Finding the stories on your life. Who am I writing for, anyway? Writing in your
voice. Telling the truth with lies.

Week TWO

Recreating a scene: dialogue and other fiction. Using all your senses. Show don’t
tell and avoiding clich├ęs.


The arc of the story: throwing out the good to save the relevant. Respecting your
reader: no preaching, condescension, no boredom. Manipulating your reader:
playing to base instincts, transitions that draw the reader on. Playing nicey-nicey
or being ostracized by your family.


The joys and satisfactions of editing. What’s an m-dash? - for crying out loud - and
other obscure rules of editing. Human and unhuman help. Publishing and printing
choices and resources.

Preparation and Materials:

Participants are expected to share their experience and samples of their own
writing, especially prose they’re proud of or are struggling with. Samples may be
in hard copy (with a copy for each class member) or on a thumb drive for pro-
jecting on a screen. Those attending will also be expected to participate in con-
structive critique, writing exercises, and discussion. Handouts will be distributed
and readings and resource's suggested.


DATE: April 3, 10, 17, 24

TIME: 10am-12pm

COST: $50

LOCATION: Florida Gulf Coast University @ Herald Court

117 Herald Court, Ste 211, Punta Gorda, FL 33950


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