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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Last Meeting and Next Meeting

July 23, 2017

Our meeting began on by welcoming a new attendee. Diane drove all the way from Holmes Beach in pouring rain to attend. We are honored and hope you enjoyed and come back. She told of us of her plan to write about the pain and issues that come with being a second wife and stepmother.

Kerri introduced us to a website, a lovely little website with lots of magazine, book, and workshops available. You might want to check it out.

Jeff suggested a good read on Florida entitled "Oh Florida" Jeff claims it's as good if not better than Dave Barry's "Best State Ever."

Don led off the reading with a thrilling tale of being in an uncomfortable military cargo plane, low on fuel, stuck in a snowstorm over the mountains, and piloted by an man who's only aim was to get home, even if it means ignoring the safety rules. I doing so, he endangers the lives of an entire platoon of airmen.

When Ernie began, he brought us a rewrite of the first chapter of his latest work about the Emperor Constantine. He doing a great job telling us a tale of an historical figure that makes the reader feel as if they are there, witnessing history yet getting to know the humanity of the characters.

Bruce continued from where he left off at the last meeting with his reading of Promontory Castle, an epic story of Kings and Kingdoms in Iambic Pentameter.

Our last reader of the evening, Kerri, read a selection from her memoir entitled "Where Neck Meets Mane." A trail ride led by a ranch hand who leads his charges into the heart of Florida's mysterious natural beauty and possible dangers. Accompanied by her daughter, niece, and company of tourists, the crossing of a swollen creek holds a special meaning.

At our next meeting, August 2nd, our first readers will be, Darienne and Tish who did not get the opportunity to read this week.

This excerpt comes from an article on Linkedin, Author U.

The following questions were written by Shonell Bacon (shared with permission) and originally posted here:

Are There Gaps in your Story Arc?

A plot needs to have a beginning, a middle, and an end, but sometimes holes or gaps develop that need to be filled. While there is no formula to writing a novel, these eight questions can help guide an author in making sure the arc of their plot is complete.

  1. Who is your main character (MC)?
  2. What does the MC want?
  3. What's the main conflict that keeps the MC from getting that want?
  4. What's the event/situation that sets the MC in motion to achieve the want?
  5. What are the obstacles the MC encounters, keeping him/her from the want? (Obstacles should escalate, building tension)
  6. What's the event/situation that makes the MC go "All-or-Nothing" to win the want? (This is a moment in which there is no turning back)
  7. Does the MC win or lose?
  8. What's the effect of the win or loss on the MC?
Do these sound as if they'd be useful to you?

At our next meeting we will discuss these questions and more.

Until then; Keep On Writing


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