Schedule and Location

Welcome to the Sarasota Writers Group Blog. Meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of the month at the Nokomis Fire Station, located just a few blocks south of Albee Road (where Matthews-Currie Ford is located) at Pavonia Road. We are on the west, or bay side, of U.S. 41, by the Fire Station's flashing yellow caution traffic light. If you are coming from the south on US 41, we are just north of Dona Bay. Turn on Pavonia and pull to the far end, or west side, of the firehall. Please do not block the fire doors! We meet in the training room on the far side of the complex. Gathering time: 6:00 pm Meeting called to order: 6:30 pm Ten minute break: 7:50 pm Meeting Finishes at 9:00 pm

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Checking Out

Hello Everyone

I'm now at the loading the car stage and wanted to check out properly. Throughout the last two weeks, I've had several notes of good feedback about the meetings and I'd like to, again, assure everyone that Russ and Sharon are ready to make sure my absense won't even make a ripple in the water.

A couple of reminders . . . Those with books should bring them to display on the book table. Sales to each other can take place before and after the meeting and on break. My cardinal rule is writers have to support writers. That doesn't mean buying everyone's book at once or not having a favorite genre, or I'll buy yours if you buy mine. It simply means general support for an unknown or first time writer, as that is what we would like others to do for us. Call it a leap of faith, if you must.

Secondly, I feel much rewarded at the new enthusiasm being shown by the group. Now, with two monthly meetings, there is opportunity to take part and make your voice heard. Please make use of the suggestion box, come up with ideas on ways to have writing exercises and feel free to take part in discussions always bearing in mind that others might like to speak as well.

I thank those of you who are watching the blog and getting used to using as a communication tool, where to go for a meeting detail, a change or an announcement. Personal things you'd like posted can be sent to Russ and he will post them in a timely manner. Which doesn't mean instantly. Remember this is an all volunteer run Association and those in a leadership role have other jobs and other lives and responsibilities happening, too. Sharon and Russ will appreciate others possibly offering a hand to help, as well.

October 21st we will have a guest speaker, James Abraham (see previous post). I will be home for that meeting, even if I arrive that morning. I will have my laptop computer with me and will be in email contact. Hopefully, better contact than I am here! I still cannot send an email to a comcast address, and no progress seems to have been made. I'll have to deal with it when I get home. I will have phone contact with Russ and Sharon so I will be able to work and answer questions of a non-FWA nature.

I hope everyone has a great and productive two months and I hope to arrive home healed and rested. Occasionally, I will post an update here. Lastly, I'd like to give my heartfelt thanks to Russ and Sharon for how they've jumped in and helped me get this group as we've always known it could be. I'm happy to report that Lee Heitz is now home and beginning the healing process. I'm sure Russ will be communicating with all you more about that when things settle down.
I wish you all only rainbows and be happy, be safe, be writing.