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Welcome to the Sarasota Writers Group Blog. Meetings are held the first and third Wednesday of the month at the Nokomis Fire Station, located just a few blocks south of Albee Road (where Matthews-Currie Ford is located) at Pavonia Road. We are on the west, or bay side, of U.S. 41, by the Fire Station's flashing yellow caution traffic light. If you are coming from the south on US 41, we are just north of Dona Bay. Turn on Pavonia and pull to the far end, or west side, of the firehall. Please do not block the fire doors! We meet in the training room on the far side of the complex. Gathering time: 6:00 pm Meeting called to order: 6:30 pm Ten minute break: 7:50 pm Meeting Finishes at 9:00 pm

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Notice to Comcast Mail Users!

Well, the email bug has bitten my Verizon account again. I just learned that those with Comcast email addresses are NOT receiving my mails again. Although, I just talked to Tuck and he said he found mine in his SPAM box! I've mailed Ann Favreau, Sharon, and Dr. Pirnot, too. Perhaps, Comcast is just writing me off as Spam. This happened a couple of months ago, too. Verizon blames Comcast and Comcast blames Verizon. So much for so-called "Service" providers! I'm in favor of returning to Carrier Pidgeons! They were more dependable.

Thank you, Russ, for the excellent previous post on publishing scammers. Never be swayed by promises! They don't deliver! With the proper research, you should be able to find a 'good' Independent Publisher who is forthright, requires no timed contracts and doesn't require a certain amount of purchased books to get a good discount. The discount for authors should remain constant whether you buy one book or a hundred and one and the option should be available. Look for an Independent who owns their own printing division. The more involved, the more cuts taken before you get yours! Set-up fee shouldn't be more than a $600 base. You may pay more for varied fonts and photos. Even with these services, your costs should be laid out up front. Cover price should be based on number of pages and color or black and white printing. Not pre-set! NO publisher, traditional, small press, or independent does marketing. Advertising dollars are not risked! To get advertising from a publisher, your name better be associated with millions of book sales, a King or a Clancy. If you want a publicist, research and procure your own. Do not go with one provided by your publisher. Their first loyalty must go to the publisher, and somebody is getting a commission. Guess who. This is true with editing, as well. I've worked for publishers and you do NOT get to follow your own principles. Your editor should be independent, as well.

If you haven't read Russ' article yet, scrolling down would be worth your effort! See you all tomorrow!