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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Congratulations Peter Frickel

Sarasota Writers Group member Peter Frickel's long awaited books are now available as eBooks on Amazon! “My Frog Sings,” may be found at and “Lotha and the Three Crosses at

A synopsis of each work can be found on each Amazon page, as well as ordering information.
Our Congratulations to Peter!

My Frog Sings: Synopsis

When change comes it brings an end. The past is replaced.
A new beginning rises: for some there is sunshine, for many the shadow of hopelessness, feelings of being unwanted and unloved.

For me only a buried past could open my gate; that is when I started to gather a garden piece by piece. There, I found a world that shared the weight of memories, spoke of a cure for each ill, showed the difference between imagination and reality. My emotions were comforted, my hurts accommodated.

I learned the demands of each season: they gave, they nurtured and taught me a new way. I became a provider, found new horizons, learned to stand alone on the platform of a new begining. Strengthened, I readied my new start–remembered salty tears that dried in the sunshine of time–discovered desires come before dreams and that intuition is the real guide.

Most of all I found I was something of value; that I could love again, deeply. Let me share this with you.

Lotha and the Three Crosses” synopsis

“Do you know that Lotha is one of the most honored of men by God the Father for building the tomb for His son Jesus and given by Joseph of Aramathea.

When Lotha offered to carry Jesus’ cross what did Jesus do for him?
What did he tell Lotha to do? I learnt that answer from monks and priests who live in the mountains of Abyssinia.

You ask, what happened to the three wooden Crosses after the crucifixion.
I know.

Then the great mystery of the stone that sealed the tomb of Jesus. What happened to it?It just did not disappear. Do you know how the Romans unknowingly participated? I tell the true story of how today that stone still cures thousands of believers and pilgrims.

Do you know, in Europe wherever the Virgin Mary has appeared, parts of the great stone are buried exactly on the spot of her apparition?
It is because of the presence of that piece of stone believers and pilgrims who visit are cured of their ills and torments.
Many are converted. Many experience miracles.

After centuries there is one place remaining, still undiscovered, where the last of the stone is buried. It is where the Virgin Mary is still to visit. What a wondrous thought.

It’s area is known to me. I plan to to go there soon, in and about the Pyrenees.
Explore in the same manner, walk, walk as I walked the length and breadth of Africa, the Middle East and Europe for two years.
How long? I do not know. Yes, I will write for you and you can read of my great feelings and discoveries and the places I search.

Experience speaks of a lonely journey.”

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