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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Johazel Publishing Company will open its first writing contest June 1, 2012.

Chris Coad Taylor, a member of the FWA group in Tampa, has announced the Johazel Publishing Company will open its first writing contest June 1, 2012.

"The contest is open to any author in the country.  We will be selecting several authors for inclusion in the publication of a collection of true stories about ordinary women who have shown courage and strength while dealing with tragedy, loss of loved ones, or just the heavy burdens of everyday life.

The collection reveals the stories of the unsung heroines who walk through life without the acknowledgment they so deserve. The working title of the collections is:

Extraordinary Woman Next Door
 The Extraordinary Woman

 For more information go to, click on the contest tab, and scroll down to the link, Extraordinary Women Next Door, and click.

A window will open up with information on what the contest is about, details of submissions, and an application form. Four (4) pages total.

The three key things to remember for the submissions are:
  1. Entry stories have to be true and about a living woman. 
  2. You must have her permission (signed wavier to publish her story) 
  3. A picture (jpeg of the woman of your story) must be available for publishing. 
I am excited about the publication because my vision is not just to publish a collection of beautiful stories of extraordinary woman, but for the book to be aesthetically beautiful as well. Printed with the stories will be original artwork of flowers sprinkled between the pages. Flowers will represent the emotions and qualities of the women. For example, the Gladiolus represents strength of character and the Jasmine presents grace and elegance.

Extraordinary Woman Next Door will mix the literary and art world in one publication. I hope your members will be as excited about this inspiring project as I am and will submit their writing entry for consideration. If you can announce this contest at your next meeting, newsletters, and later on add a few reminder announcements it will be greatly appreciated.

The contest is open from June 1 through September 30, 2012. Estimated publish date: Spring 2013. Word count maximum: 3500.

Details may be found on my web site:
For questions, entrants should check the website contest pages or use our contest email address"

Chris Coad Taylor

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